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Here’s master asshat Elvis Stojko talking abt his problem with feminine skaters: People in the gay community have to realize they’ve got to take themselves out of it. I’ve been getting heat for this, but there are people behind me saying that they appreciate it. Criticisms of effeminate skaters aren’t so much about sexual identity as they are gender expression.

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This commentator’s statement reflect a certain reality.

In our current political system, rights and privileges are extended to groups with discernible boundaries who are able to lobby on their own behalf. Gender policing like what’s currently happening in figure skating is fucked up and ugly — and folks shouldn’t have to identify any particular way for us to denounce oppression.

The limitations of gay identity, as I see them, are twofold — ~Identity categories w/ clearly-demarcated boundaries become constrictive, exclusionary.

Yesterday, after I posted a facebook item crying foul on Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek’s sudden romance w/ gymnast Nastia Liukin (This USA Today piece later appeared, then People edited their headline and article from “dating” to “very close friends.” Mmm hmm) — my exact words were, “Nuh-uh, I don’t buy it, Nastia Liukin, you’re a beard” — my excellent gay writer friend (excellent writer, although he is perhaps also an excellent gay) Andrew Tibbetts called me out, saying, “Look who’s an essentialist!

masculinized athleticism (Pleshenko’s quad jumps) — seemed to me suspiciously timely, convenient.

So while on the one hand, I believe Lysacek can identify however he fucking wants, his strategic dishonesty, if that’s in fact what’s happening here, disturbs me.

I’m concerned Lysacek — who as I understand it, has previously been assigned (and I believe actively embraced) a role as the great butch savior of the fagified sport of men’s figure skating — is complicit in, and perhaps actively supports, the homophobia, femiphobia, misogyny and gender policing currently on the rise in his sport. I’d argue it actually highlights some of my concerns with “gay identity” and its limitations.

Here’s the source of my initial concern: Coming as it did immediately after his gold medal win, and in the midst of his very public disagreement w/ silver medalist Evgeny Pleshenko — a disagreement that’s heavily gendered as feminized artistry (Evan’s focus on expression of details) vs.

Calling for fluid identities on the one hand and seeming to criticize Lysacek for not “coming out” on the other?

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