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More than half of your time at Hogwarts was spent in the library on the third floor.

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Sleep had begun to inch it’s way into your body, making your eyelids incredibly heavy and droopy.

People were continuously trickling out of the library until you had become one of the very few pupils lingering among the books.

Rain drummed against the stain glass windows and the fire crackling mingled with your fatigue.

Your eyes could hardly stay open and as much as you tried to fight the sleep urging you to succumb to it, you were losing the fight.

You blinked slowly and squeaked softly as you stretched your aching limbs.

Sirius chuckled at your adorable sleepy face and sat beside you. ” Sirius asked in your ear when your head fell to rest on his right shoulder.

Curling closer to his warm body, you nodded slightly. “But I don’t wanna.” Sirius chuckled and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you further into his chest. It’s time to quit for the night.”“I have to get an ‘O’ in Potions,” You mumbled sleepily into his shirt, slurring your words tiredly.

While your head fell to rest on the couch cushion, fingers still holding the potions book open, a sneaky dark haired boy had begun to approach you from behind.

He faltered in his plan to scare you when he saw the parchment, quills, and an assortment of books surrounding your sleepy figure.

Sirius felt his heart twinge in his chest when he laid eyes on your parted mouth, drool threatening to escape onto your chin and the quiet snores that left your mouth.

He smiled and started to gather your things to set aside on the table, but when he tried to take the book in your hands is when you woke from the short slumber.

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