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It is hard to draw a line between intelligent avatars which have conversational AI skills and act dynamically, and on the other hand static unintelligent avatars which are just a snapshot taken at a certain point in time.The technology for creating avatars is evolving at a high rate, especially our ability to reproduce human beings.This captivating video demonstrates the rapid progress in this area by showing Veronica_001, an Avatar created by Gravity Design Studios, which talks to existing and potential clients in the most fascinating way: One of the events demonstrating innovations in speech technology is Speech TEK Europe, which focuses on speech technologies, speech biometrics and voice user interaction design.

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Avatars are commonly known as computer (animated) characters representing a real life person, concept or artificial entity.

Quite often this term is used to address human-like online assistants representing organizations, commercial firms and brands.

These virtual assistants are able to answer questions and perform tasks through conversational dialogs with humans.

Avatars are the visual representations of real or artificial intelligence in the virtual world.

They look like human beings, human-like (often animated) characters or other living creatures.

They are either static, semi dynamic with multiple (emotional) states or are rendered dynamically with complex expressions.They seem to be popping up everywhere on the internet, on smart phones and other internet connected devices.Microsoft got a swift lesson this week on the dark side of social media.Yesterday the company launched "Tay," an artificial intelligence chatbot designed to develop conversational understanding by interacting with humans.Users could follow and interact with the bot @Tayand You on Twitter and it would tweet back, learning as it went from other users' posts.Today, the company had to shut it down because the bot started spewing a series of lewd and racist tweets.

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