latest european dating site for - Dating an armenian girl

You have to show your interest in her family traditions and culture, even if you aren’t interested in real.This would show her your passion and after the date when she would notice you are not indifferent to your culture, be sure she is interested in you and your dating season has just only started.This could also mean you even have made your first step in building of your future family.

The main mistake is to overestimate your abilities.

If you have had a lot of girls, it does not always mean it would be the same this time with Armenian girl.

Don’t even think to boast of your previous victories on the love fronts with the girl as you won’t impress her, but she will subconsciously alienate you.

She would think not about your great experience, but about the fact you are unstable, you would do the same with her sometimes and in the same way you would tell some other girl about your achievements in conquering Armenian girls; she would think you are the man whom she cannot trust.

You have to behave as real confident man, do not be silent, to ask some questions, and to listen, you have to be active in conversation but not overactive, take part in the conversation, but do not talk too much as it is not what real man do in conception of real man by Armenian girl; and not only, all the women don’t like when guy talks too much, as man should be judged for his actions, but not by his words.

As to make the flow of possible talk positive you have to make it really her-oriented, ask about her Armenian culture, about her family, some interesting traditions in the family.

This is the topic she would eagerly support and tell you a lot, as Armenians really honor their family and traditions even being far away abroad and even for a very long time.

Your main aim at the date with Armenian girl or any other girl is not to spoil the date by stupid actions, unpredictable situations you make and some weird behavior or too rude questions with offensive behavior.

If you are man of this kind, you probably have to look up for some other kind of girl.

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