Dating colonial buttons

The one with the tassel design has a lead back with the attachment hook still present. Army, after his tour of Europe as the member of a military commission charged with studying the latest developments in engineer and cavalry forces including field equipment.As you can see in the photo it is in near perfect condition with some silver wash showing on the rim. The Mc Clellan saddle was a riding saddle designed by George B. Based on his observations, Mc Clellan proposed a design that was adopted by the Army in 1859.

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Buttons Bullets Bullets Bullets in Wood Cartridges Carved Bullets Camp Items Canteens Cavalry Civil War Items (Misc.) Civil War Documents Coins & Tokens Colonial Period Collectibles Correspondence Fossils Gun Related Swords & Blades Jewelry Contemporary rings Leather Items United States Marine Corps Items Medical Items Military Collectibles Mourning Jewelry Native American Indian Indian Wars Novelty Items Paper Money Photos Railroad/Telegraph Reproduction Items Revolutionary Items Spanish American Tobacciana WWI Collectibles WWII Collectibles Writing Instruments Books Reference Books Published Articles Links Civil War Relic U. Broken Spur This includes a broken spur, spur strap and one small leg, with the soldier’s initials carved into it: MW. Item H9190 $17.95"Fat Lady Docker" Brand Currycomb.

Currycomb found at Berkley Plantation, Virginia during the 1960's.

Most of the wooden handle still remains, and all detail is readable, the Docker brand, and the hand etched hinge fascilimies.

This one was apparently found in a creek or River, as the bottom is still laden with small quartz gravel. Item H9189 .95Two excavated militia bridle rosettes.

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try using your finger nail and scrape some of that green corrosion from obverse of the a change purse?

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