Dating complete opposites

It's a double edged sword really: on one hand its impossible to click with everyone, but on the other there are things you can do to increase your chances.Success in creating chemistry is combining the two ideas and mixing them into something that works just for you.

In the dating forums, Harold Heart asks: "I've been dating a number of women that I've met through on-line dating sites like

Everything seems to be going right, we talk, we laugh, we seem to get along well.

Then suddenly they break it off (after the 2nd or 3rd date) because there isn't 'chemistry'.

This is enormously frustrating for me, because I generally like these women a lot. '"So before we go any further - can I first say: please, PLEASE speak with a mental health professional about your feelings as soon as possible, even if you currently are not feeling suicidal.

Few women will go out with a man they find unattractive, much less for 2 or 3 dates in a row.

No, what they are referring to is the lack of 'pull' - that magical little oh-wow-he-makes-me-feel-something-nice-when-I-look-into-his-eyes sorta thing.

If they (or you) don't even have a glimmer by date two or three? Yet from your forum post you're saying that the pull has been there for you - going so far as to call some of the women 'perfect', yet your feelings weren't reciprocated. My guess is that there is an element of neediness coming off in your interactions with women.

It isn't a normal state of affairs for anyone to feel that down in the dumps after only a few dates, and when it happens repeatedly, its a difficult headspace to climb out of.

As much as I'd like to assist here, there is only so much I can do via a forum or blog.

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