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It can be done almost anywhere, while standing, sitting, walking, lying down. The effect of this exercise is that you feel calmer and more relaxed and concentrated. Do this with both hands at the same time and carry on for a few minutes in total.

Let the tips of each of your fingers touch the tip of your thumb in turn. Thumb touches the tip of the index finder - this opens the Root Chakra and moves more energy to the lower body and legs: Thumb touches the tip of the middle finger - this helps you with patience: Thumb touches tip of your ring finger - creating energy, self-confidence and stability: Thumb touches the tip of your little finger which helps with intuition and feeling: There are some more Mudra exercises on here: The first step in the practice of Qi Gong is to assure correct posture.

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When weight is fully on left foot, take a pace forward with the right foot, heel first, body and hands swaying to the left.

Practice in this way moving forward and back for about half an hour or for as long as one can without tiring, the length of time varying, of course, according to the practitioner and their state of health.

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Keep fingers separated and curved as if around surface of the ball.

Eyes and mouth are lightly closed, with a slight smile.

Stand quietly for about two or three minutes, then take a pace forward with the left foot, heel touching first, body and hands swaying to the right as one moves forward.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Sit upright on a chair, feet on the ground, legs apart and torso at right angles to the thighs.

Let the eyes and mouth rest gently closed, tongue resting on your upper palate, assuming a light, unforced smile.

Stand erect, feet parallel and apart at about shoulder width with toes pointing slightly inward.

Bend knees slightly, hold in chest and raise arms so that hands are no higher than shoulders, elbows drooping slightly, with the hands about one foot apart, palms down.

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