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Swing or swap / rarely named as exchange of partners / is a polygamous sexual behavior of couples and single women and men.Swing can be practiced in the context of different social activities ranging from a spontaneous sexual activity at an informal gathering of friends, planned regular social meetings / into a swing party / and even organized swing holiday in a special resort .

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Bg Swingers Community - Make your sexual revolution now!!!

The best place for Swingers Dating in Bulgaria We want our users to communicate with each other wherever they are, anytime and through any device.

For this, we have created this website so that it can be used with any operating system and from any device. Social network for Swingers you can find information about all the events that users organize, browse the list of guests at any party, to join any Swingers party.

The most widespread is at home , but often organized in a specially rented premises or in a hotel. These are private clubs, specially designed and equipped to allow for meetings , socializing and of course sex between Swingers . This means that if you get a refusal from other swingers must stop all your wishes to them.

Equally widespread is the visit of a special swing resort. As in any human activity , and in the swinging there are certain rules.

Free for couples and families who share the idea of a swing, want to diversify your sex life and make it into your lifestyle.

Only here you can create a profile in pair with the data for both - woman and man, you can find a partners from your city, you can share on the forum, to create and manage your swing parties and invite your chosen couples and families.

Some couples say they swing by increasing the quantity, quality and frequency of their sexual life.

For others it is fashion, or do it for a variety or just out of curiosity .

For most couples swing strengthens their relationship allows them to social networking and entertainment. The reason for this lies in the different types of sex which swingers make.

As we said at the beginning, the swing is polygamous sexual behavior, which means that Swingers contact with more than one sexual partner. For most swingers sex is not an end in itself but a means by which to meet their needs. Where it is practice : Most often it is in an organized swing party.

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