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net I have a rather large formview that asks for a variety of input values (physical totals vs pos report totals).I have created vb code to calculate the differences and subtotals of various types prior to inserting the data so people can check for entry errors. Here's the problem: If they forget to enter 0 in a field that doesn't have any totals, a big ugly error message displays. I can tell them until I am blue in the face to remember to enter 0 and not leave any blank fields, but realistically its going to happen and I need to handle it in the programming. And the code behind page with working "Calculate" as long as fields are not left blank (I took out all the test code that made it not work at all) [Code]....

I am trying to do this: Form View form View = (Form View)fv Parent.

Find Control("fv Child"); Text Box txt Box = (Text Box)fv Child. If not, what is the proper way of getting the values from these fields (in the Child/Nested Form View)?

Find Control("txt Child Field"); String my Str= txt Box. Helps With Counters In VB6 And Averages have data which is entered into 4 boxes, a button is pressed and calculations on each box are performed.

I placed two plain textboxes and a button on the ASPX form and create a button click event for that button using the same code I use for the butten click event in the formview.

When I add values to the non-databound textboxes, the data is updated correctly. Forms Data Controls :: Using Find Control On Nested Form Views?

The question is, why can I not get the updated/changed values from textboxes in the Form View control? net I have a nested Form View and I need to get the values from some of its controls (Text Box) in code behind.

I can easily pull the values from the "parent" Form View using: Text Box txt Box = (Text Box)fv Parent. Text; Although, when I try to get a refence to one of the controls in the "child" Form View I get a null.

I have my sql table setup with default values of 0 so if a field is left blank it will be entered into the database as 0 and not null.

It is really just for my inserting of a reconciliation and the running of Calculate Totals to double check their work prior to inserting into the database. hakl Forms Data Controls :: Getting Databaound Control Using Find Control? The Form View is set to Edit mode by default with only two textboxes and one button.

How To Pass The Value Of A Text Box Inside A FORMVIEW To A SQL Stored Procedure net Hi, I'm new to ASP. I have a sqldatasource and a formview controls on a web page and inside the formview control I have two textboxes. I am populating the Form View using a Datatable from the code behind generated from a SQL Stored Procedure. I am attempting to update the data using a SQL Stored Procedure by getting the values from the textboxes in the Form View on button click Everything seems to work and I recieve no errors, however the values I type into the textboxes is not passed to the stored procedure so eventhough there are no errors the data is not updated.

When I click the UPDATE button in the formview, I'd like to be able to retrieve the values of the textboxes inside the formview control and pass these values to a ' Update' SQL stored procedure defined in the Sqldatasource. I know that the issue is not my stored procedure becasue if I use static values for the parameters in the code behind, the values are updated by the stored procedure.

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