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Vn.— THE TRANSLATION OF ALL WORDS AND PHRASES GIVEN IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. Oermain 19 West Utii Street Paris New York 1919 All rights reserved.

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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OObelluoft ':ii KEY-WORD ABBREVIATIONS (Abreviations) The key- word 3 given between brackets f which most uf the following are abbreviations) are usually given in French for the French part, and vice versa. adverbe (steam-engine) airo adro)iai Uiq,ice, aviation math mathematiqiies agr agricidtitre mauv.jmrt, en mauvaise part : anat anatomic : anatomy in a depreciatory sense aiig anglais : Eng Ush me'c mecanique arch architect7tre m M medecine : chirurgie : - ! Ver.iailles (THIRD Ji DITION) )#^^ LONGMANS, GREEN & COMP 39 Paternoster Row. The features of that little book — its originality of arrangement and design, and its general usefulness — have been familiar, for many years, to innumerable travellers on both sides of the Channel and of the Atlantic: owing to its merits, it has in fact come to be regarded much more as the friend and companion of its possessor, than as a dictionary in the ordinary meaning of the wont.

1 •.■ Wh ftre s word it almost Identical In the two languages, It is given in tlils list in French only, to save repetition. ■ ' argot : slang surgery astr astronomie met metal : metallurgy auto automobile : motor-car min niineralogie : mines bias blason : heraldry wilts ))uist7iie : music hot botaniqtte : botany on pr. The present volume is but the logical development of that work — reproducing its leading features, in more extended form, for the benefit of those who stay at home; and aiming to be as useful in the class-room, the office or the library, as its little forerunner has shown itself in the field of travel. ■*^'.2 3 "2 .2 Ill ft ft 2 '© 3 ^ fef t« 3 Q ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ » ^ ^ » *J « •5 a a "S -3 =5 ~ .2 .t; .b .i r= $1 N E s « 1 i 1 W 3 c o = = - o o oo '5 ■^ " g If "5 .

on prononce build building (construction) o's one's self : soi-meme ch chose : en parlant des CUV ouvrage , c7ioscs(i.e. It is not a simple matter, in a book like this, to suit the needs of every reader upon all occasions ; neither is it easy, where space is a consideration, to avoid the sacrifice of certain words of secondary value which may yet be full of interest and meaning. SS»,| 2.2.2 : 0.2 2 i.2.2 'S • .2 « , S .1; .t; -O -5 - ■ = i 2 3 H 1 § s M 1 s ^ Hi - r 3 73 ■o =5 ^ -S '.3 ^ , g s j; * s 2 5 =0 .2 s ■D .2 s 2 H 1 1.

speaking of part, partifiipe : participle things as contra-dis- peint pcinture : painting tinguished from per- pers personne cheni chemistry Lsons) phot photographie chim chiniie phys physique com commerce : commercial pi pluriel : plural COf O'. In the compilation of these pages, tlie aim has been to comprise such portions of the French and English languages as will serve for all the ordinary purposes of the life we live to-day; for, as Littre so well puts it in liis preface, " I'usage conteraporain est le premier et le principal objet d'un dictionnaii-e." And not only have the ordinary or daily requirements of the general reader been considered, but this dictionary will be found to contain its full share of technical words and combinations, alive, it is believed, with the life that is the joy of the translator, and derived, wherever possible, from the most authoritative sources. ■= o 00 ^ i ^ O tf ® I 09 .2 O a I— I O I o s B^ ^ H -s P^ ^ O o CO CO 0) = o Qj u 5 £ 01 Ph g ■i-t ■ 7 Q ^ z 2 2 c- J 56 =; ^_S a ■3 - "0 a 3 ........

conjonction : conjuguer : plais liar plaisanterie : in fun conjugaisoii poet poetiquemeut const constrt Ktion : building polit politique ' pop populaire "^ cuts cuisine : cookery t eye cycle : cycling pp. feminin : feminine prep, preposition fain style familier pret. pronom : pronoun fort fortification sculp sculpture fr francais : French se pr. The initiator and inspirer of this work, John Bellows, has not lived to see its publication.

partioipe passe ; past dr droit : law participle ilectr electrieite : electricity se prononce gen genie : engineering sing singulier : singular »e'03 geographic subj. But at his death in 1902 he left behind him something of greater value even than the manu- script upon which he loved to labour ; for in the memory of his life and work lay just that inspiration to continue to the end, which has so often been the needed mainstay of the reviser. subjonctif «/e'ot geologic tech mot technique : tech- ge'o»i geometric nical word ffram grammairc typ typographic : printing hist histoire : history V. Another name to be remembered witii gratitude for good work done in days gone by, is that of the late Professor Alexandre Beljame, whose services — so valuable in the revision of the original edition — were unfortunately not available in the preparation of the present one. a 4 «l oj Tu I ■ •» DICTIONARY OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH ENGLISH AND FRENCH COMPILED BY JOHN BELLOWS RKVISED AND ENLARGED BY HIS SON WILLIAM BELLOWS WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF Auou STK Marrot Gustav^k Fbiteau Of/Icier de V Inslruction Pii Uiqve, Professettr d' Anglais an Lycie Hoehe, Etc. ri"^HE present work has been designed to provide tlie student with the enlarged edition of J_ Bellows' "French and English Pocket Dictionary," for whicli he has long been asking. IV.— THE MANNER OF ARRANGING THE VERB CONJUGATIONS: AND THE REFERENCE BY NUMBER TO SUCH CONJUGATIONS FROM THE TEXT OF THE DICTIONARY. i ; i : : S i » •* " H ''''.' g s ^ MOUDRE, To Avoi -i 3 = 5 = ^= . • '- '" ' ~ 'Sr ~ : i Q iz; o •-9 Jiiiiir c o) g- ^^ 2 UI o-, a u .2 ; tf J 2; ~ i- 9 M ■" -3 ! UI -" ^"^ - ■r 1 0- S $ 3 J S s UI-3 2 q 2:1^ 2 i,t- ■= 3 o § CO UI ! III.— THE ARRANGEMENT OF BOTH THE FRENCH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-FRENCH DIVISIONS CONCURRENTLY ON THE SAME PAGE. Others, however, have taken up the task : and among these the first place must be given to the two good helpers whose names appear upon the title-page. &H 222 2 2.^ = : u U U ^ H P^ : : :^ S : M = •=•=£ :il : P?

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