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In 1995, he co-founded an Internet Service Provider in the Washington, DC area called Internet Interstate, which was acquired for million USD by Verio, Inc., where he subsequently led regional marketing efforts and e-commerce product management after the company’s initial public offering and until its acquisition by NTT of Japan in 2000.

This initiative won a 2010 Global Mobile Award at the GSM World Congress for its Google SMS products.

Under Eric’s leadership, App Lab attracted seed investment of $5 million USD from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to establish the Community Knowledge Worker business designed to revitalize information flows in African agriculture.

Eric also helped establish similar initiatives in Ghana, Kenya, Columbia and Indonesia to demonstrate the potential of mobile phones to address specific information gaps in rural markets.

Mobile Global grows mobile and web-centric businesses with its partners.

We advise startups and early-stage companies on their business strategies and plans.

We invest in and help raise capital for growing businesses.And we work with established companies, nonprofits and social enterprises to help them leverage the competitive advantages offered by web and mobile in today’s environment.The Mobile Global Team has built companies, managed projects and worked in the United States, Africa and Latin America, with some experience in Europe and Asia.Eric is an experienced entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial leader who has spent the last fifteen years on the cutting edge of technology and business.He is the Principal of Mobile Global and manages all of our engagements.Eric has established, managed, funded and advised startup mobile and Internet technology companies, worked with non-governmental organizations in developing countries, and managed complex projects.

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