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I'll have to go into the history of my interest in manga and anime to give an adequate explanation.Around seven years ago (my freshman year of high school), I got into Naruto after a friend showed me some clips.That is not to say it was the first time watching it, but I had only watched a couple episodes of the dub on Toonami before.

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I really liked it at that point, and was a huge Naru Hina fan.

I couldn't wait to find out what happened next, so I started reading the manga, and quickly caught up to that. I've probably read a total of around 1000 Naru Hina fanfics (well, that might be over, but it can't be that far off) before all of the Naru Hina fanfics started seeming the same.

I joined an online forum and mostly talked about Naru Hina and predictions of the next chapters and stuff like that. I started having a hard time remembering which fic had what happen.

It all boiled down to how Naruto fell in love with Hinata, how they got together, how it dealt with Hanabi (cold or becoming a sweet little sister), Hinata's father (bad guy, or just forced by circumstance), who Hinata's mother was (dead or alive, Hyuuga or not), whether there was a council of elders in the Hyuuga clan that had any say in things, how it dealt with Kyuubi (evil Kyuubi, neutral Kyuubi, helpful Kyuubi)... Then there were the story types: Naruto gets exiled, Naruto is revealed to be Minato's son publicly, Naruto becomes the next Kyuubi, Naruto turns against Konoha for mistreating him, Naruto gets taken on as an apprentice, Naruto has a kekkei genkai, Hinata's a jinchuuriki too, Naruto gets adopted, the team are different (usually with Naruto and Hinata on the same team, maybe a different or extra sensei), how it dealt with Naruto's parents (if they were alive and or their feelings about each other), etc. Originally, I was only for Sasu Saku, Neji Ten, and Shika Tema/Chou Ino or Shika Ino.

I stopped caring much about the side pairings, as I really wasn't much interested in them, especially when they took the focus away from Naruto and Hinata, so I became able to read ones with slightly different pairings, and started not minding Sasuke bashing, Sakura basing, Kiba bashing (although that one was kind of ooc, as Kiba never really was in love with Hinata and he's not really a jerk), and other sorts.

My not minding the Sasuke and Sakura bashing was helped by the fact that I started really disliking Sasuke at the time, as well as feeling that Sakura had ruined the entire story, but that's a rant for another time.After a while, I was able to categorize almost every Naru Hina fic I read, finding that the only differences between them were the permutations of the above things, so I got bored of straight Naru Hina.Some time before I got tired of straight Naru Hina, I started my first fic, Tails of a Jinchuriki, which was basically a "this is how it should be done" fic for Naruto and Hinata becoming hanyou, since I thought that all of the other ones had been badly done in how it happened, but I quickly realized that I had no plans for after they become hanyou, so I stopped writing it.Also, some time during that period, I started reading and watching Bleach (which will come up later when I talk about my second fic).Therefore, from that evolved my liking of Naru Harem fics.I still insisted that Hinata was part of the harem, if not the main girl, but the added romance with the other girls and added dynamics of character interaction between the girls made it enjoyable to read (other than the fact that I'm a pervert [e.g. I also started reading a large number of other manga, working my way down the most popular list on One Manga (back when it hosted manga), and am still an avid manga reader with more than 250 manga on my mangaupdates reading list (not including dropped manga and finished manga, but including things that haven't been updated in a few years, so I'm hardly currently reading 250 series).

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