Proximity dating site

On the basis of this, the computer creates a sort of “ideal match” for you and all the users will be compared against it to find the closest matches to what your preferences are.

It really is ingenious the way e Harmony picks out matches for you and from our own extensive experience we can assure you: they will try and match you with compatible dates, taking into consideration what it is that you’re looking for in that special someone and what kind of characteristics are important to you.

All you have to do, is go through the selected profiles (there will be a small bunch of them delivered to you daily) and decide if and who you would like to contact them. That’s right – you can’t just browse through all the profiles and pick out the cherries. Well, basically it all boils down to creating your profile just right.

That involves answering a variety of relationship questions about the things you like and dislike in a partner, your interests, values, habits, beliefs etc.

A hugely popular site that brings people together through compatibility matching.

The ideal site if for those who prefer a helping hand.

The way we see it at the Which Online Dating office, there are two types of daters out there.There are those who are driven by their ideals: they know exactly what they want, who they’re looking for and what his or her credentials and characteristics should be.They go to a dating site with a clear idea of what they’re searching for so don’t need much guidance or hand holding.And then there are those people who are not completely sure or are more flexible about who their ideal match really is.They need some help looking, they want to be pointed in the right direction, maybe they even believe that the great big unknowns of “fate” or “destiny” could step in and guide them to that one and only match.Whatever the reason, we believe that e Harmony was created for those types of daters and is why it’s been so successful for so many years.

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