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Now that you’ve disabled the Sync feature, you can delete all of the feeds from under the RSS Feeds folder.

You’ll probably want to also empty your Deleted Items folder after removing the feeds.

message and none of the XML is displayed because it must not understand the Atom content element.

rss feeds not updating ie9-61

Microsoft Feeds Synchronization can cause OS-disk growth if persistent disks are not configured.

If persistent disks are configured, the impact is diverted to the persistent disks.

In this situation, you should still disable Microsoft Feeds Synchronization to control persistent-disk growth.

Have you ever noticed that Microsoft Outlook uses the feeds from your IE7 or IE8 common feed list?

If you don’t actually use Outlook as an RSS reader, there’s really no reason to have that feature enabled and wasting space in your mailbox.

If you have a ton of feeds, this could also theoretically speed up Outlook—at the very least it makes your system a little cleaner.

Options from the menu and click the Advanced Options button on the Other tab.

Now you can uncheck the item “Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List”.

Is there some reason IE cannot parse the XML returned from my WCF data service, or setting I can change to view it directly? I'm having the opposite problem, Chrome won't show the raw XML anymore for me (I swear it used to).

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