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Judge Robert Warnock, sitting at Liverpool Crown Court, yesterday( branded Hickey of having a 'perverted and depraved sexual interest in young females.' He told him: "It is quite clear whoever made the decision about you being a danger to society was absolutely right and you within a relatively short period of time were attacking females for your own sexual interest.

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In a victim impact statement, the woman said she now sleeps with the light on and gets afraid when its dark, Hickey was jailed for five years.

A decorated police officer was sacked after he bombarded vulnerable female witnesses and victims of crime with sexually-explicit text messages, comments and phones calls.

Married father-of-two Trevor Jones, 43, a constable with 18 years’ service who was once honoured for rescuing a man from a burning building, sent one woman an image of himself stood in front of a pair of bull’s horns with the words ‘horny’ written underneath.

Six months later, in May, Hickey followed an 19-year-old woman through security gates at her home, but was unable to follow when an external door slammed shut in front of him.

Annoyed, he hung around the student accommodation in Liverpool city centre and spotted another woman, 18, who threw her drink carton over him when he approached from behind.

Hickey punched her in the face, straddled her on the ground while gagging her mouth and struck her repeatedly before the teen's screams alerted passers-by.

The terrified woman managed to bite him on the hand, a wound which helped to catch him.

A sexual predator tried to rape two teenage women just six months after he was released from an indeterminate jail sentence imposed because he was so dangerous.

Deviant Jeffrey Hickey preyed upon young female students returning to their Halls of Residence late at night by skulking up behind them.

The 35-year-old had only just been released after being locked up for shimmying up a drainpipe, putting his hands round woman's throat in her bedroom and raping her during a 20 minute ordeal.

But despite Hickey being subject to the indeterminate jailing, a Parole Board, police and probation bosses then agreed he was safe to return to society.

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