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We sent out 200 e-mails to every woman that we could find on this site, because honestly, it was just empty.That being said, we still kept them accurate to their interests, kinks, and fetishes, and tried our best to be personable and stick to our review routine that has always garnered us the best results. Out of those 200 e-mails we sent, we only received a response from 64 different women.

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It’s pretty confusing, and not somewhere that we want to be as a general rule. We really have to just look at sites like Wealthy and shake our heads.

We’ve seen a ton of places like this pop up online over the years, and they never amount to much of anything.

We honestly didn’t expect much to come of this site, so you shouldn’t either.

If anything, you should hop on this site and have a good laugh, because that’s probably the only action you’re going to see if you try to use this site for dating. Over a period of three months, we spent the time working on our Wealth BDSMDating review.

It’s a rare day that we have such a disappointing experience, and that’s why we do these reviews: so you don’t have to experience this kind of disappointment when you’re just out and about, looking for a new partner.

If the lousy site layout for this site wasn’t bad enough, then the fact that it’s a total scam should be enough to send you running.

Many people have asked us about a Wealthy BDSMDating scam, and we can say with confidence that that’s really all this site ultimately is.

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We weren’t aware there was such a decisive social line when it came to BDSM , but apparently we were misinformed.

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