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Under, but under the covers, it uses Azure App Fabric for compute and Blob Storage for hosting data.

Thus it’s a Platform as a Service(Paa S) offering additional capabilities over infrastructure provided Azure.

Today we’ll see how to leverage Media Services to build an ASP.

- We’ll need an active Azure account, if you don’t have one, you can avail a 90 day free trial at

Keep an eye out for outgoing data and encoding charges if used.

- Login to the Azure Management Portal and click on the [+ New] button in the bottom toolbar and add a new Media Service by navigating as follows App Service Quick Create - In the Quick Create panel, provide the Name of your media service, the Region where you want it to be hosted and the Azure Storage account to use.

If you don’t have a Storage Account already, you’ve to create a new one, else you can pick one of your existing Storage Accounts.

Abstract: Azure Media Services offer almost all the ingredients to enable you make a You Tube clone. NET MVC, Azure Media Services and the Player Framework Java Script client.

Windows Azure has introduced a nice set of services on top of the Azure platform.These include the Mobile Services, the Service Bus, Media Services among a host of others.Media Services primarily offers on demand streaming, variable bit rate or smooth streaming, encoding to various formats including smooth streaming and storage capabilities.- Finally click on the ‘Create Media Service’ button to initiate service creation.Once the service is created, we’ll see a new Media Service and new Storage Service (if you opted for a new one) created.Note: I am using an existing media service and storage account hence the names are different from the ‘Create New’ panel. Click on the Media Service from the ‘All Items’ list.

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