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Fight your way through every continent to survive at world war!

Start your adventure with only a pistol in your favorite continent.

Jump in various vehicles along the way and use them to your advantage, shoot all enemies before they destroy you.

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The only way you would be having more fun is if multiplayer worked, but do not worry; that is coming soon.

It is much the same as the old mods with a few new additions : Craft the weapon boxes, place them and click them for an abundance of weaponry.

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Our servers hunt down information about world-war-2just for you.

Including world-war-2IP, Hosting Information United States and Random Statistics, like revenue estimations (4.06$/day!

), estimated worth (2,981.00$) and plenty of other goodies.

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, click to shoot, R to reload, E to enter a car.

Press 1 to 4 number keys to switch weapons (once you unlock).

Flan’s World War Two Pack introduction: Flan’s World War Two Pack Mod is going to bring you to the world war 2 like its name.

This mod have tons of cars, tanks, fighter planes, bombers, AA guns and a ton of weapons so you’ll be having fun for hours on end.

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